Strawberry season is always eagerly anticipated. Strawberries are the first sweet fruit of summer and that is just around the corner. The weather this year has been a challenge but we've been lucky. Our berry crop in Greenbank has just missed hail a few times, survived two frosts (Jim was up at 2 am irrigating them to protect them from freezing) and are now getting just a little too much rain and cool temperatures. This has slowed down the ripening of the berries.

We now have fresh picked strawberries in our Markham farm market. Ours have just started and supply is somewhat limited although that will change. Supply will become bountiful as the season progresses as there is an abundance of fruit on the plants just waiting to ripen. Our patch in Greenbank looks really good this year and we're looking forward to a good season.

Markham Farm
The drought of the last two summers has done in our strawberry patch in Markham. We will have a good supply of fresh picked strawberries at our Markham location but will not have any available for pick your own there. Pick your own strawberries will be available at ourGreenbank farm only sometime after June 22nd. We will also have fresh picked berries available in Greenbank. Special orders can be placed at either location. Please give us a few days notice.

Peas (sweet and sugar snap) will be available for pick your own in Markham at the end of June and green and yellow beans throughout the summer.
Our Markham market will continue to carry a good selection of our own produce and that of other Ontario farmers along with delicious baked goods, preserves and our meat - beef, pork and chicken.

Lamb update
It has been a busy spring for lambing. 13 have been born, 2 are in need of bottle feeding. All are doing well and we're very pleased. The two bottle fed lambs are Victor and Houdini and they just love to see everyone, especially at meal times. They are two of the most coddled lambs I have ever seen.

Come and enjoy a visit. For the most up to date info call for a crop update at 905-887-1087