We're looking forward to some summer weather to give our crops a boost. We've had hints of it this week. Our strawberry crop is coming along - the berries are at the small green stage right now.
We hope to open our Greenbank farm for pick your own berries sometime around June 26th but please call for an exact date and time. 905-887-1087

Ewenice lost one of her male lambs last Wednesday. For some reason she would not allow him to feed and our attempts to keep him nourished failed. She now has twins to raise.

Mud and Toots are now at our Markham farm and loving all the attention. The two calves especially love their bottles of milk. Both are now onto eating hay and greens as well.

School is almost done for the year. Our school tours are winding down but our Summer Fun tours for camps and daycares are booking up. Check out our Summer Fun page if your group would like to visit our farm. Any groups who have the children that are not accompanied by their parents must book a structured tour to visit the farm.

We are currently hiring for market help. We need energetic, hard working individuals that work well with people and have good english communication skills who will be able to commit to part time employment until Oct 31st. Check out our employment page for an application form and come on in for a chat.

When you are in the market check out our butter tarts. They are awesome.