RASPBERRIES have begun. We have them available fresh picked in our Markham farm market. We are now into the second week of picking them and hope to have at least another week to go.
PEACHES and other fruit from the Niagara region have also begun. Cultivated blueberries are great on cereal and salads. They are available by the pint. We're looking forward to the wild blueberries which are great for baking.
Don't miss out on the SUGAR SNAP PEAS and SWEET PEAS. The cool and wet summer has extended their season. We're into our last planting now so enjoy them fresh from the field while you can.
SWEET CORN is starting to ripen. We hope to have some fresh picked peaches and cream corn in our market by this Friday.

The lambs are growing and Victor and Houdini are now being weened from their bottles. They've been eating hay and grain the past few weeks so their formula is now being watered down and the frequency of feeding is dropping. Kids still love to see them fed and they still love their bottle so we'll continue for a while but it will be mostly water they're drinking.

August long weekend will be the last weekend for our Enchanted Forest until September. We'll continue to have wagon rides on the weekends. The forest will be closed so we can freshen it up for the fall.

That's the news for now. Hope to see you at the farm.