Sweet corn from southwestern Ontario is becoming more plentiful. We now have some in our market. It's a sweet addition to dinner. As it gets closer to our area we will have a large supply, fresh picked each day.

This is our last week for strawberries. Our pick your own in Greenbank is now closed. Fresh pick berries will be available in our Markham Farm market this week.

Our beans are ready - fresh picked and pick your own
The bean crop is good right now. We have them on special for $5.00/3l basket in the market. Pick your own - they're plentiful in the field.

are at their peak so get them now. They are especially delicious this year with the heat but it is also the heat that will shorten their season. Don't delay.

are here and delicious. They are clingstone varieties right now so only good for eating. The freestone varieties you can use in canning and jams will be approx. 2 more weeks.