We've been enjoying fresh picked sweet corn for the past two weeks and it just keeps getting better. The peaches and cream corn are gourmet sweet varieties which have the sweetness of supersweet corn but with a nice corn taste and texture.

Summer is progressing, the variety of fruit from the Niagara area is becoming plentiful and the peaches are now freestone. Cultivated blueberries have been in big demand. They're best eaten fresh.

It would be nice if the rain stopped. There has been enough for our crops. The cooler weather is slowing down the corn crop along with our pumpkin crop. Hay has been hard to get in dry this year, we need more than 2 days of no rain to be able to cut and bale it.

Anybody want bunnies? Ours have been very productive this season and have we got babies. For a small charge of $15.00 you can take one of these cute, cuddly little bunnies home.

We're already planning for fall. We are currently hiring staff to help us this fall season. Our school tour instructor position is ideal for homemakers with children in school as the hours fit into the school hours between 9 and 2:30. We also need tractor drivers the end of September and October for our school tour program.
We've got lot's to do for a handyman who loves animals. With the students returning to school we are looking for someone to do the farm chores and help with fieldwork.
Weekends in the fall are busy and we are looking for staff who enjoy working hard with others to make our customers visits great.
Application forms can be found on our website. Download, fill them out and come in for a visit. We'd love to meet you.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.