We will be getting our second to last batch of our fresh chickens back from the processors this Tuesday, November 15th and Geri and I will be in the market from 10am till 1pm. Even though we are not officially open Tuesdays in November you are welcome to come in during this time to get some. We will be reopening Thursday from 9am till 5pm.

If you are unable to come in Tuesday and would like us to save some for you please call the market at 905-887-1087, wait for the beep at the end of our message and then leave us your name, phone number and the quantity and approx size of chicken you would like. We'll set them aside for you.We are putting any unsold chickens into the freezer Thursday night.

Our last batch of chickens will be in approx 2 weeks. If your name is on our chicken call list we have already started phoning. If you would like us to remove your name from our contact list please let us know.