At the end of our growing season many people ask us when we are heading to Florida. The fields may be asleep under their blanket of snow but the farm is still busy. This is the time of year when the business side of farming becomes the main focus, apart from caring for the animals. It is a time when we review the past year.

We look back at:

  • The crops grown, their performance and popularity in the marketplace to determine what seeds to order for the coming season
  • What activities were successful and how can we improve on them next season
  • How are we getting the word out about our farm and what to offer
  • The Tax Man waits for no one so the book keeping needs to be finished and the accountant met with

It is also a time for us to learn. There are many conferences, workshops and education days that can be attended to give us more knowledge and tools to use in the coming year. Winter is our professional development time.

This year you will see more action on our Facebook page following the
activities of Lazarus, our little lamb. Our website has been updated and is easily accessed from whichever device you are using. Check out our school tour pages for lots of up to date information.