The season just flies by. I hope all of you are enjoying the coming of Christmas and not too stressed with all the preparations.
Our tree sales have been going well, we still have some beauties - Fraser Fir, Balsam and Scotch Pine.

There is still time to order your turkey. I am very limited on small ones but have some in the 18lb plus range. This can all change because they are still all living and weights are only certain once they are dressed and ready for dinner. Give me a range of 4 lbs in order to have one that will fit your needs.

We're still baking. The Christmas cookie trays are very enticing and yummy. They make great hostess gifts, take them to an office party, or just enjoy at home for dessert. Place your pie orders for the 24th so you won't be dissappointed. We close at 4 pm Christmas eve and reopen the first weekend in May. I try not to overbake because I get to eat whats left.

Our turkey pies are ready and we'll have our chicken pies done by this Friday. They're delicious and make for an easy meal.

This may be the last blog before Christmas. I'm already booking our workshops and conferences we want to attend this winter. I'll try and keep you posted on what will be new for next season.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas with all the joy the season can bring. Stay safe this winter and we'll see you in the spring.