We've got the first of the crop of apples now available in our market. Jersey mac and Ginger Gold, so you have a choice - tart or sweet.

If you haven't tried the Ginger Gold apple yet I would highly recommend them for their flavour is exceptional for an early apple. I like them for I do like a sweet apple. It seems just as we convince people to try them their season is done and we move on to other varieties. Get in early so you can enjoy.

Remember that early apples don't stay crisp as long as the later varieties and do require refridgeration.

TOMATOES - What a crop we are anticipating!

I haven't seen such a beautiful crop of tomatoes ever. You may have seen some pictures if you follow us on facebook and twitter. We have started to harvest a limited amount but as it is in every year they never seem to ripen early enough. We should have a great supply in our market in about a week. We may even do pick your own here in Greenbank but it will be by appointment only if we do. Let us know if you are interested by dropping by the market or calling 905-985-6749 and leave a message.