Summer – Where has it gone?

This summer may have been not have been the warmest but for us it has been the fastest.  I don't wish time away, each year it just seems to be speeding up.  Now we are at Labour Day weekend and planning for the fall season.  Our Harvest Festival will be happening each weekend in October. [...]

Feels like Fall, there go the summer crops

Hot one day, cold the next and now frost warnings in cottage country.  Puts the pressure on to enjoy those last fruits and vegetables of summer before they are gone with the season.  Fall is officially just around the corner.Tomatoes are one of those crops and our market is bursting with them at the moment. [...]

Tomato Harvest is at its Peak

It's been a fantastic year for our tomatoes; for quality and flavour.  Our market is bursting with tomatoes and now is the time to catch the freshness and flavour the summer sun has given them.  So get your canning jars ready.  Capture the taste of summer as we move on into the fall harvest season. [...]

Summer and the Farm changes with the seasons

The seasonal changes can be seen in our market with the variety of fruits and vegetables available.  Variety is the spice of life.Strawberries are in their last week but raspberries, cherries and blueberries are coming in. Peas are at their peak - sweet and sugar snap are bountiful right now.  Beans are just beginning as [...]

Open Victoria Day Monday

WOW!!!! What a weekend for weather. It seems summer is here. Jim is out in the fields here in Greenbank planting our tomatoes today. Our zucchinis, onions, garlic and cabbage are doing well. We've planted berry bushes this year - gooseberries, black currents, haskaps and chokeberries. Great for jam making in the years to come. [...]

Apples, Apples, Apples

Fall is almost officially here, it sure feels like it. Each year it seems that our favorite apple is ready so late in the season but apple season is now upon us. We're now finished with the early apples - Paula Red, Ginger Gold and Jersey Mac. The fall apples have begun. Macintosh, Cortland and [...]

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