the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny a half penny will do. If you haven't got a half penny then God bless you.

Is the tune running through your head now? I remember my Grandfather telling me of the time when he was a boy that he had to memorize this verse and say it at the front of his class. His family were homesteaders in Saskatchewan and lived initially in a sod house while the wood house was being built and the land was being cleared. Oh how I miss him at Christmas. It can be such a family time, a time to reminisce of years gone by.

We have had a great Christmas season seeing you and catching up with the events in your year. The kids are growing - off to school, finished school, getting married, grandchildren being born. We've been selling Christmas trees for 25 years now and some of you have been coming for that long.

We have exciting news - Heather, our wee petite staffer that you'll see mostly in the bakery when she isn't in school, is now engaged to be married to a wonderful young man Thomas. We're so happy for them. She'll be working the 22nd and 23rd so if you stop in, give her your best.

We'll be busy these next few days baking and organizing turkeys. We still have some beautiful balsam and fraser fir Christmas trees and you can still order a fresh turkey. Our lives can be so busy that for some it seems Christmas has snuck up on them and oh my gosh its only 6 days away.

Thanks for taking this moment to read this blog. As another famous charactor at Christmas says-
Merry Christmas. God bless you one and all.