It’s been a very hot month of June! A bit of rain earlier in the week really helped, but the farm could sure use some more. Even through the heat, crops are continuing to grow well at Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. Peas are at their peak right now and sugar snap peas are being harvested. Also, garlic harvest will begin soon. Right now you can find garlic scapes and young garlic available at the farm market.lots-of-strawberries-1

Strawberry season seems to go by so quickly! It’s not quite over yet, but it always seems to end sooner than you’d like. Our Pick Your Own has been a popular stop this week. I spoke with one grandmother who brought her excited grandsons out to the farm. It’s a yearly tradition of theirs to come strawberry picking as soon as school is out!


A beautiful day for berry picking

Now that school is finished, consider stopping by Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. where there are lots of fun activities for kids!baby-goat-1

A great attraction that visitors of all ages will enjoy is a new “kid” on the farm! This baby goat was born just over a week ago. She was a surprise to everyone at the farm. Farmer Forsythe suspected that mama goat was just getting a little bit fatter, then this little surprise showed up! She is full of energy and has been nicknamed “Butterscotch” by some of the workers on the farm.


Don’t forget, you are also invited to help with the harvest in our Giving Garden every Saturday between 10am-4pm. Visit our Giving Garden Page for more information.