The beauty of our Ontario growing season is the variety of food available; there is always something new to anticipate. The summer fruits have been great but it is time, as fall approaches, to make way for the wide selection of reliably delicious apples.

We are off to a great start here in our market with the Ginger Gold variety. It originated in Virginia from a chance seedling and is a cross between the Golden Delicious apple and the Albemarle Pippen. Sweet with a bit of a tang, the ginger gold is a wonderful eating, salad (it is very slow to brown once cut) and cooking apple. It keeps it's crunch best when refrigerated.

An amazing looking recipe I will definitely be trying -

The Ontario Apple Growers have a very informative website that is worth checking out. All that you need is there - from information on the varieties of apples grown in Ontario, their best uses, to care and handling of apples, recipes and more.

Ginger Gold apples are available fresh picked, for a limited time only, in our on-farm market and at our son's booths at the farmers markets they attend.

Our pure, sweet apple cider in a box, a neat feature as no refrigeration is required, is also available and makes for a refreshing drink - cold or hot.