The Return of Winter

Not unlike yourselves our seedlings hunkered down for this weather abnormality brought to us by a polar vortex. Our small team of farm hands finished packing last week’s order of Farm Boxes and Mother’s Day bundles to head back into the field to tuck the crops in. It was late Friday morning when we started [...]

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You’re charging what??

Farmers and their farms survive by selling what they produce, be it directly to the public or wholesale to distributors.  We have been direct marketers for most of Jim’s farming career – starting with a roadside wagon and progressing to an on-farm market. This year we are venturing into attending some farmers markets, after having [...]

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The Perfect Winter Day

Winter is not Jim's favorite season so this is not a statement that you would ever catch him saying BUT that is what you could say today is.  The sun is shining, the air is calm, the snow is sparkling like diamonds and the temperature isn't bone chilling, just fresh.  I love it! For Jim, it is [...]

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East Gwillimbury farmers’ market provides fresh foods, classic acts

East Gwillimbury Era Sign of summer by Laura Finney Carl Nielsen buys strawberries from Leslie Forsythe It has been almost two months since the East Gwillimbury farmers market opened up at its new location and, for many involved, it has been a success. I just think it's fabulous," Councillor Marlene Johnston said. "People [...]


It is Awesome in name and flavour. Awesome is a gourmet sweet, peaches and cream corn that is a nice combination of sweetness and corn flavour. With proper refridgeration it should stay sweet for a few days. For optimal flavour it is still best to only get what you can eat that day. Currently the [...]

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