Farming can be a challenge and one of the main challenges is predicting when a crop will be ready for picking. Like the weather reports a week can make a big difference in what you predict and what happens the day of. This past weekend we had one variety of berries just starting to ripen and we were picking for the market in Markham. The other varieties looked like they would be ready in more than a week away. The heat way hits and THE STRAWBERRIES ARE RIPENING FAST!!!!Farmer Jim now thinks we will be opening here in Greenbank for pick your own and fresh picked strawberries Sunday June 17th - just in time for Fathers Day. Please call 905-985-6749 before coming for exact opening day and hours. FRESH PICKED STRAWBERRIES ARE AVAILABLE AT OUR MARKHAM FARM!! The crop in Greenbank is looking good and we have a good supply of our early berries at our Markham farm location. Peas are early this year and we are picking them for the market as well. We may have pick your own peas in Markham by this weekend. STRAWBERRY SEASON IS HERE. GET YOUR JAM JARS READY SO YOU DON'T MISS THE PEAK OF THE SEASON.