Strawberry Fields

For many years families of all ages have been enjoying the early summer tradition of visiting our farm to pick strawberries.  Customers have shared memories of picking strawberries as a child at our farm in Unionville and have now returned to our farm here in Greenbank with children of their own. We are proud to [...]

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Strawberries – Off to a late start but in for the long run!

sweet and delicious We are always impatient to get that first taste of strawberries, fresh from the field; this year we had to wait till June 19th.  The good news is that the season is still here with us and strawberries can still be picked.  Hopefully for another week.  That is often unheard [...]

Strawberries, Peas and Chickens….

are still headliners at the farm.  Our crop of berries is still amazing and plentiful for picking and fresh picked as well.  Our late season berries are just starting to turn red so we may have another two weeks in the strawberry season.Our second planting of peas is now ready for picking.  They are young [...]

Strawberries and peas are fantastic

Our strawberry and pea crop is now abundant, picking is easy and the flavour is great.  We will be open daily with fresh picked and pick your own strawberries and peas.  We will have berries for the Tuesday, July 1st Canada Day holiday and will be open 9 - 5Our activities are expanding, the tricycle [...]

Warmth and sunshine are the ingredients for a smile

It sure is easier to be happy when you have an amazing day like today.  The snowbanks are finally losing their battle and are succumbing to the inevitable spring melt.  We knew it would happen one day.With the thaw we are able to bring up more of our outside buildings and equipment as they are [...]

Open Canada Day Weekend both Farms

Hot and Humid or Cool and Wet, seems there is no in-between these days.  Better than Alberta so I won't complain.We will be open all weekend at each farm. Our Greenbank Farm is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9-5 for pick your own and fresh picked strawberries and sweet peas. Markham, we are open 9-6 [...]

Pick your own Strawberries and Peas at Greenbank Farm

Our Greenbank Farm is now open for pick your own and fresh picked strawberries and sweet peas.  The cold, wet weather has delayed the season but this heat wave is bringing them on.  Come soon to get the best of the crop.Our strawberry crop is not up to what last years was.  There were lots [...]

Looking to the Future, Reflecting on the Past

The new year is here and it is a white one.  Looks like we'll have a lot more snow than last year.  I don't mind, I mainly hibernate this time of year - cooking, cleaning, book work and just trying to slow down a bit.  Jim grumbles about having to plow it; I think the [...]

Kids and strawberries

Is it hot enough for you. This heatwave can be stifling but it actually is cooler in the country. I was amazed yesterday at the temperature difference between our Markham and Greenbank farm. It felt at least 5 degrees cooler here in Greenbank with the nice breeze we had. This heat is ripening the berries [...]

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