Tomato Harvest is at its Peak

It's been a fantastic year for our tomatoes; for quality and flavour.  Our market is bursting with tomatoes and now is the time to catch the freshness and flavour the summer sun has given them.  So get your canning jars ready.  Capture the taste of summer as we move on into the fall harvest season. [...]

FUN and FOOD defines Labour Day Weekend

Labour Day weekend - The defining weekend between summer and fall when we get back to our regular routines after the summer break.For us on the farm it means the tomato crop is coming on strong, fresh picked apples have arrived and the bins of squash are coming in filled from the field.  Many of [...]

It is Starting to Look Like Fall

You just have to love the colours of fall.  The vibrant reds, yellows and especially orange.  Our pumpkins are looking great this year, there are lots in the field and some are on display. Our fall mums have just arrived turning our courtyard area into an explosion of colour.  Just what we need on a rainy [...]

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