Our Celebration of Spring was a busy one. We had beautiful weather Saturday and a good number of families enjoyed the bubbles, the animals, Dairy Farmers of Canada cow Moonica, walks in our Enchanted Forest and more.

  • The animals had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and eating lots of treats. Our sheep were sheared and both the sheep and the goats had pedicures, now they're prancing.
  • New baby goats born last Tuesday are doing well. One who just liked its mom's armpit has finally found her udder and bottle feeding is not as important for it's survival.
  • Sunday and Monday with the unsettled weather offered challenges to our visitors. They were rewarded with seeing the birth of 2 sets of twin goats. One pair was born on Sunday and the other Monday. Thanks to Adam who took the pictures today, you can see some of the action.
  • Lisa at Things to do York Region came Saturday and took pictures. Check out her site for lots of info on activities happening in York Region.

Strawberries will be in about 3 weeks. We have blossoms on our plants now in Greenbank. So far it looks like it will be a good berry season.

Can someone turn off this rain?