It’s Local Farm Week!

Strawberries have started, which is a wonderful treat and an excuse to visit your local farm or farmers market. But you never need an excuse! We were mentioned in this Ontario's Local Food Report, 2021.  They talk about how some farms (ourselves included) are leading efforts to engage young people in agriculture.  We are very [...]

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Strawberry Fields

For many years families of all ages have been enjoying the early summer tradition of visiting our farm to pick strawberries.  Customers have shared memories of picking strawberries as a child at our farm in Unionville and have now returned to our farm here in Greenbank with children of their own. We are proud to [...]

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Strawberries – Off to a late start but in for the long run!

sweet and delicious We are always impatient to get that first taste of strawberries, fresh from the field; this year we had to wait till June 19th.  The good news is that the season is still here with us and strawberries can still be picked.  Hopefully for another week.  That is often unheard [...]

East Gwillimbury farmers’ market provides fresh foods, classic acts

East Gwillimbury Era Sign of summer by Laura Finney Carl Nielsen buys strawberries from Leslie Forsythe It has been almost two months since the East Gwillimbury farmers market opened up at its new location and, for many involved, it has been a success. I just think it's fabulous," Councillor Marlene Johnston said. "People [...]

Strawberries- The sweet taste of summer

Long anticipated, a little late to arrive - strawberries are here!!!We have fresh picked Ontario strawberries available in our Markham Farm Market now.  They took their time - the cooler, wetter weather causing the delay.  The berries are looking good and are consistently more plentiful although I would  recommend jam makers waiting a week till [...]

Open Victoria Day Monday

WOW!!!! What a weekend for weather. It seems summer is here. Jim is out in the fields here in Greenbank planting our tomatoes today. Our zucchinis, onions, garlic and cabbage are doing well. We've planted berry bushes this year - gooseberries, black currents, haskaps and chokeberries. Great for jam making in the years to come. [...]

Berries are Fantastic

The strawberry crop this year has been one of our best. The berry patch is loaded with berries and picking is quick, the flavour fantastic.Fresh picked berries are available at our Markham farm and Greenbank, the pick your own in Greenbank only.Sugar Snap peas are in the market for the first day. They taste great [...]

Strawberries are here and Sweet Peas too

Well, we actually started picking a week ago and opened our pick your own here in Greenbank on the 21st. Getting the berries into the market and getting set up for pick your own wiped away any thought of blogging about them.My apologies.We have an amazing crop of strawberries this year. There was no late [...]

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