Spring is in the Air

We all heard the collective sigh of relief as the weather warmed up and the sun started melting the snow.  Here on the farm we've had small rivers flowing as the snow melted revealing grass, plowed fields and roadways.  This is a beautiful time of year as the ground is still solid enough to walk [...]

Father’s Day – Celebrate Family

Enjoy the best farms have to offer – good food, fresh air and time spent with family and friends.  Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate not only Dads but families.  Come walk our forest trail and be enchanted with our Fairy Tale Lane.  Our farm animals love visitors and are happy to show off their [...]

Our new spring lineup is complete!

They've all arrived; our farm babies are here.  School tours have started and the children are having a great time visiting the farm and animals. The pigs arrived Wednesday and one has already acquired it's name, Scooter.  The last to get off the trailer, he just couldn't wait and he was off and running out [...]

Mothers Day Tradition

When we think of mothers we think of memories and traditions; big and small, happy and sad.  To have memories you need time to make them.  A tradition on our farm is to give moms of all ages free admission to our farm on Mothers Day when accompanied by their kids. Mother's Day is this [...]

Kids and strawberries

Is it hot enough for you. This heatwave can be stifling but it actually is cooler in the country. I was amazed yesterday at the temperature difference between our Markham and Greenbank farm. It felt at least 5 degrees cooler here in Greenbank with the nice breeze we had. This heat is ripening the berries [...]

Open Victoria Day Monday

WOW!!!! What a weekend for weather. It seems summer is here. Jim is out in the fields here in Greenbank planting our tomatoes today. Our zucchinis, onions, garlic and cabbage are doing well. We've planted berry bushes this year - gooseberries, black currents, haskaps and chokeberries. Great for jam making in the years to come. [...]

Celebrate Spring Victoria Day Weekend

We just may see some sun, the forecast sounds better for Saturday than it will all week. We've been getting lots of rain so wear your boots even if it is sunny.We've got lots of fun planned for this weekend.This will be our first ever Celebrate Spring event and we've been planning for weeks. Dairy [...]

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