They've all arrived; our farm babies are here.  School tours have started and the children are having a great time visiting the farm and animals.

The pigs arrived Wednesday and one has already acquired it's name, Scooter.  The last to get off the trailer, he just couldn't wait and he was off and running out the barn and around the fields.  Somewhat stressfull but funny to as we followed this wee little pig running around the fields. His foray into freedom ended succesfully for us anyway as we caught him.  He was glad to be reunited with his siblings.

So much for the pigs; in contrast, all the other animals seem sedate.  We have 2- week old Brown Swiss calves and bottle feeding will soon progress to bucket feeding as they learn to drink without the nipple.  The difference in size between them and the 3 calves, now steers as they are now a year old, is awesome.

Come on out for a visit to our open house and auction sale on Monday the 19th.  Check out what we've done and find out what is in the works.