Well, we actually started picking a week ago and opened our pick your own here in Greenbank on the 21st. Getting the berries into the market and getting set up for pick your own wiped away any thought of blogging about them.
My apologies.

We have an amazing crop of strawberries this year. There was no late frost so we were able to harvest our Wendy variety. Today we started picking Jewels, a nice sweet berry with a bit lighter red colouring than the Cavendish.

The rainy weather has put a damper on the pick your own but we've been slogging through and remained open here in Greenbank in spite of the weather. Sunday looks like a good weather forecast so we expect to be busy. Our season will extend another week at least and possibly two more. These cool nights slow down the ripening so they're not all ready at once. That's a good thing.

We've got lot's of fresh picked berries in Markham.

The sweet peas are available for pick your own in Greenbank now and our patch in Markham will be starting by the long weekend. They're sweet, sweet, sweet ....

Let's hope that next week's weather will be kinder to the pickers. Hope to see you soon.