Take Me Out to the Compost

With the farm closed to the public, it has provided us some time to appreciate the compost pile. The compost pile deserves as much loving attention as all our other living  things on the farm, because it too  is alive with microbes and gives life to the fields and their crops. Our ever growing pile [...]

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Spring is in the Air

We all heard the collective sigh of relief as the weather warmed up and the sun started melting the snow.  Here on the farm we've had small rivers flowing as the snow melted revealing grass, plowed fields and roadways.  This is a beautiful time of year as the ground is still solid enough to walk [...]

Work While your Kids are in School

Fall harvest season is quickly approaching and we're getting ready for our school tours.  Do you love working with kids?  Enjoy the outdoors?  Combine these two activities during our Pumpkin tour season.  Work with a group of enthusiastic and creative people.We are currently accepting applications for instructors to work with preschool to grade 3 students [...]

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