The seasonal changes can be seen in our market with the variety of fruits and vegetables available.  Variety is the spice of life.

Strawberries are in their last week but raspberries, cherries and blueberries are coming in. Peas are at their peak - sweet and sugar snap are bountiful right now.  Beans are just beginning as is sweet corn.
Soon the market will be jammed with an amazing selection of Ontario grown produce.  Foodland Ontario has a good chart to help guide you through the seasons of availability and we have it in our market.  Ask for one, they are a handy resource.
New in our market is SHELDON CREEK DAIRY milk and yogurt. Check out their website at  We have two new dairy calves for you to visit, they arrived last week. Gingersnap is a red Holstein and Biscotti is a black and white holstein.  Seems we have a cookie theme going with our calves as they join Oreo as part of our farm family.
We're busy at Greenbank with the summer crops.  Tomatoes have been staked and tied (backbreaking but it got done) and we're trying to keep up with the weeds.  This weather is phenomenal.
Had enough rain yet?