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You’re charging what??

Farmers and their farms survive by selling what they produce, be it directly to the public or wholesale to distributors.  We have been direct marketers for most of Jim’s farming career – starting with a roadside wagon and progressing to an on-farm market. This year we are venturing into attending some farmers markets, after having [...]

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The Perfect Winter Day

Winter is not Jim's favorite season so this is not a statement that you would ever catch him saying BUT that is what you could say today is.  The sun is shining, the air is calm, the snow is sparkling like diamonds and the temperature isn't bone chilling, just fresh.  I love it! For Jim, it is [...]

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My Favorite Christmas Recipes – Christmas Jello Salad

As Christmas approaches and I visit with families who have made coming to our farm part of their Christmas tradition, I reflect on our own family's traditions.  Food plays a large part in our traditions with certain dishes linked with various holidays evoking fond memories of family gatherings. As I count down to Christmas I will be [...]

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Strawberries – Off to a late start but in for the long run!

sweet and delicious We are always impatient to get that first taste of strawberries, fresh from the field; this year we had to wait till June 19th.  The good news is that the season is still here with us and strawberries can still be picked.  Hopefully for another week.  That is often unheard [...]