Week 4 – Dirt on Farming during a Pandemic

The Dirt on Farming During a Pandemic Spring started full of optimism despite the global pandemic. Unlike last season, spring came as expected with warm mild weather and a good mix of rain and sun. We were able to get into the fields with the tractor to plant. Yes, we were hit with a late [...]

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Spring is in the Air

We all heard the collective sigh of relief as the weather warmed up and the sun started melting the snow.  Here on the farm we've had small rivers flowing as the snow melted revealing grass, plowed fields and roadways.  This is a beautiful time of year as the ground is still solid enough to walk [...]

Spring – A time for optimism

The first full day of spring is living up to our expectations of warm, sunny weather with a fresh breeze blowing.  It is what keeps us optimistic that winter will eventually end.  It has been quite a roller coaster ride of temperatures this past winter and it doesn't look like that will stop with the [...]

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