We all heard the collective sigh of relief as the weather warmed up and the sun started melting the snow.  Here on the farm we've had small rivers flowing as the snow melted revealing grass, plowed fields and roadways.  This is a beautiful time of year as the ground is still solid enough to walk on without sinking in.

The frost will soon give way and we will be up to our knees (almost) in mud until the soil firms up and Farmer Jim can start working it.  The first crop to be planted is peas - sweet and sugar snap.  They don't mind the frosty nights in May and June, in fact they do best with cool nights.  The earlier they get planted the sooner we can start the harvest and if early heat in July doesn't cook them we can possibly get in an extra week of picking.  Great for our market, pick your own and the farmers markets the boys attend along with their CSA boxes.

Our animals in the barn are feeling the warmth.  We've been able to open the back doors and let the breeze flow through.  Lazarus, our new lamb has doffed the winter coat we got for him, his natural wool one is working out quite well thank you.  You can see his baby pictures on our www.facebook.com/forsythefamilyfarms page.   Being born on a record cold February day did not give him a good start to life but he is thriving now.  We'll keep you posted on his progress.  He is looking forward to meeting everyone when we open Victoria Day weekend.  Some schools have already booked tours for this spring.

Our nanny goats look ready to give birth, their udders are filling up.  We're monitoring them daily but no kids yet.

Spring really is in the air!